5 Ways Tech can Help you Travel on the Ground

5 Ways Tech can Help you Travel on the Ground

Duty of care is essential — not just for the welfare of your travelling employees, but for your bottom line, too. How does it affect the bottom line? You might wonder. If your employees aren’t satisfied at work, it becomes harder to retain staff members, which means recruitment costs.

As the employer, it’s your responsibility to ensure the traveller feels safe and secure when travelling, which means removing unnecessary challenges or difficulties throughout the booking and riding process while keeping an eye on cost-saving and ensuring employees book within policy.

Duty of care is crucial for the modern-day traveller; this blog post explains how you meet those standards with technology.

Empower Travellers to Book Travel Themselves, But with Limits

Travellers need to book their own taxis, that’s a given. It improves employee satisfaction and provides the employee with ultimate control over their trip. But booking ground travel doesn’t have to be an all or nothing approach. You can still enable employee booking and trip management without standing over their shoulder.

To make cost savings, you need limits. Those limits can range from setting minimum and maximum ride distance to choosing allowed vehicle types — and working with a ground travel platform that makes that effortlessly possible. One platform where you can oversee all bookings made, identify traveller travel habits and have complete visibility on all your previously unmanaged travel spend. You need to make sure employees are only booking within the limits of your travel policy, and an all-in-one integrated system is a way to do that.

Traveller Whereabouts is Key, Use Tech to Track Journeys

If you currently book ground travel across multiple suppliers, or you’re utilising a travel management company who outsources ground travel to multiple suppliers, chances are, you have a visibility gap. You can’t effectively track employee travel, and that’s a problem.

To deliver superior duty of care, you need to confidently pinpoint all travelling employees, for your peace of mind and for traveller wellbeing. You should consider prioritising employee tracking when choosing your next ground travel platform.

Make Employees Feel Safer with In-App Communication

Yes, most of us have smartphones and are easily able to book a taxi, but that’s no good when your employee is travelling in a different time zone, and they can’t reach you because you’re tucked up in bed. Working with an innovative tech platform for your ground travel needs means you can access live chat 24/7, with a real human.

Tech like this means your travellers have a consistent experience wherever they travel; they can open the app and talk to a support team member whenever they need to. If there’s an issue with their ground travel, it can be sorted quickly, and your employee isn’t left in a state of panic.

Change the Security Settings to Match the Situation

With an innovative ground travel solution, you can customise your local travel policies for individual areas, countries, and rider characteristics. This means your team can easily find the safest ride possible for them. Let’s take COVID-19 as an example, in countries still rife with the virus; you can limit the ride type they can select, i.e. not ride-sharing or only picking black cabs with factory-installed partitions.

Tech Can Make Sure You Only Work with The Best Providers

Working with a complete ground travel tech solution means your employees only travel with the best providers, ensuring their safety wherever they travel. Hailing a ride from the street means you don’t know what kind of driver you’re getting, are they a licensed driver? Using an all-in-one ground transportation platform means your employees receive driver information before getting into the vehicle. They can also track the driver’s journey so they can get ready for the ride in advance and peace of mind knowing all drivers in the platform are fully-vetted, insured and licensed to drive you around town.

You can integrate your favourite suppliers into the platform, which means your employees can choose from familiar or brand new, reliable suppliers. And with cars to suit all types of rides, your employees will never need to book out of policy again.

Author: Samantha Potts