Contribute is now open to submissions.

if you’ve found something interesting you’d like to write about but don’t have a website to do it through, get in touch and take advantage of an already established readership. before your grubby fingertips begin typing, please bear in mind the following…

1) the subject matter must be unique, extremely interesting and related to the content already on this site. have a look through the archives: if your post sticks out like a sore thumb, it probably won’t be used.

2) you won’t be paid for the posts. instead you’ll be fully credited, linked, worshipped etc.

3) don’t rip content from other sites. this happens to on a weekly basis and there’s nothing more infuriating.

4) let me know what you want to write about before you spend hours completing it only for me to tell you it’s not suitable.

contact: admin[at]