Family Friendly Attractions To Visit Israel

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If you are planning to travel to Israel then it is best to travel to the Holy Land, as you will find plenty of options for family friendly attractions in Israel. You can choose the package of your choice from the Israel tour package to make your trip easier, which will make your trip more enjoyable. Family is at the heart of local culture, so it’s no surprise that there are plenty of ways to enjoy time together in this beautiful country. From Masada Fort to the Red Sea beach and lots of child-friendly museums and attractions, there are many family-friendly attractions in Israel for children of all ages. Hurricane market visits, picnics in the park, or kibbutz tours.


A famous Masada castle is a must-see when traveling in Israel. Located near the Dead Sea, families can enjoy a trip on the path of the serpent or simply climb up using the car and see the most spectacular view of all of Israel. Families can join the Masada Sunrise Tour on Masada, Ein Gedi, and the Dead Sea Tours to optimize the sites in this area.

Timna Park

Found near the southern city of Eilat, Timna Park is located in the Negev Desert and offers a stunning view of the region’s geological history. Timna Park covers about 15,000 acres in a horse-shaped valley. Families can explore the vast desert park, first copper mines, and sites like a lake in the middle of the desert! Families can join Timna Park and Desert Farm Trips from Eilat for an integrated exploration of the park, with the experience of creating a sand industry and the opportunity to taste fresh vegetables from the desert greenhouse.

Jerusalem Bible Zoo

The Jerusalem Bible Zoo is one of the best family-friendly attractions in Israel, covering about 62 acres of land south of Jerusalem. Completed with a vast man-made lake, the park is surrounded by green space and is full of roaming wildlife. One of the highlights of the Bible Zoo is a train that travels all over the field and stops at various stations across the park for visitors to see the entire property. Many of the animals in the park are mentioned in the Bible, with more than 170 species living together. For small children, there is a painting zoo, playground, a playground.

Steinhardt Museum

The recently opened Steinhardt Museum of Natural History in Tel Aviv, a very interesting place. With lots of exhibitions and programs, the Tel Aviv Museum strives to raise public awareness and understanding about nature and environmental impact. It is an important museum for both children and adults and displays history in a comprehensive, informative, and fun way that is interactive and compelling.

Ayalon Institute Museum

Once a secret ammunition factory, the Ayalon Institute Museum now stands as an interactive exhibition that shows history. The factory was a disguised plan to fool the British in the 1940s and was used by Jews to fight for their independence for the state of Israel. Located about 30 minutes south of Tel Aviv.

David Museum

A thrilling view of history, the Tower of David Museum in Jerusalem provides insights into the long history of Jerusalem, a modern-day city from the second millennium BC. Conveniently located at the entrance to the old town near the Jaffa Gate, the tower of the David Museum is an interactive and immersive glimpse into the past that is fun for all ages.

Neve Michael Children’s Village

For families looking for a meaningful experience, visiting the Nave Michael Children’s Village is beneficial not only for visitors but also for the children living on the premises. Neve Michael is an intensive and children’s center located in the beautiful Pardes Hanna area near Caesarea. It is the center providing services to at-risk children and youth in Israel. Families can see and enjoy a variety of activities, including chocolate factories, tree planting, musical classes, and more.

Camel Rides in Israel

When planning a family vacation in Israel, it’s hard to think about camel rides! Riding a camel and getting to know the mammals of this unique dessert is an exciting and memorable experience for the family. This is one of the best ways to explore the desert. Throughout the Negev Desert, there are several options for enjoying camel rides in safe conditions and ensuring that camels are properly treated and cared for. Visiting the Negev camel farm is an exciting and memorable family experience.

Camel Rides are Great for kids

For families of young children, visiting the farm in the heart of the Western Negev is a great way to cut out and interact with the animals. Naama Farm is one of the largest goat and sheep farms in Israel that produces most of the goat and sheep milk used in the country. Families can travel across stables and meet animals, including feeding newborn goats and milking sheep. The farm also organizes a variety of workshops that teach children how to make goat cheese, as well as a variety of arts and crafts activities.

Ramat Song Safari

One of the largest zoos in the Middle East, Ramat Song Safari is a perfect place for families wanting to explore and enjoy experiences like the African safari in Israel. The 250-acre park has African animals that roam freely throughout the park, and visitors can enjoy safari trips across the park. In addition, Ramat Mass Safari has a zoo with more than 1600 species.

Sand Boarding

If you are looking for more unique family-friendly attractions in Israel, go to the desert! Sand boarding in the Negev Desert is a fun and memorable family activity, which will give a colorful experience for both your children and adults. Families can wander around the beautiful desert and enjoy a delightful and memorable experience.

Beit Guvrin

Found in southern Israel, about 60 km south of Jerusalem, Bit Guvrin National Park is an exciting historical site for families. The remains of the ancient city situated are located inside the park. The famous cave, one of the most popular attractions.

Jeep Tour

Jeep travel is a great way for the whole family to get out of the beaten path and tour rural Israel. The Judea Desert Jeep tour will take you on an exciting journey through the desert and your family will discover fascinating Bedouin culture and visit interesting sites along the way. Your family will work together for a lifetime of adventure and create lasting memories.

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