Holiday & Travel Guide For Lisbon Coast, Portugal

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Sintra located on the coast in Lisbon is a charming town with a unique character, and many attractions to enjoy. The top attraction in Sintra is its National Palace. It is a stunning marble building with beautiful floors, elaborate architecture and wood carvings. It also has an old castle which is on top of a hill. It is another architectural marvel which is surrounded by the midst of beautiful gardens. The highest point of the hill there are still the foundations of an eighteenth-century Moorish castle from which you will be able to enjoy a stunning panoramic view of the town. Book Car Tours from Lisbon so that you can see the beautiful old manor houses as well as other beautiful structures in a relaxed pace.

Lisbon’s Coast Has A Variety Of Towns

There is plenty to see and you’ll not be dissatisfied. There are also wonderful walks if you don’t like walking for a couple of hours through the woods. The most important thing to do is to go to Lisbon itself. It’s only 30 km away. The city is stunning with plenty of historic monuments and museums next to contemporary ones to discover. It’s a wonderful city to explore and worth the journey. Lisbon’s coast Lisbon includes a variety of towns, and all are dotted with historical structures and fantastic sightseeing. So, rent the car and soak it all in and you’ll be happy for it.


Sintra beach is stunning with its long stretch of golden sands that are clean against the backdrop of lush mountains and forests It’s breathtaking. You can enjoy a range of water sports that are available to you at this beach including windsurfing, sailing with a variety of other activities. While you are lying on the beach, you will get to enjoy watching your fellow Para gliders glide out from the top of the mountains to the left. It’s amazing and might cause you to want to go on a ride yourself.

Family Guide For The Lisbon Coast Of Portugal - All Europe Accommodation

The waters of the Atlantic are a bit heavy, so they aren’t suitable for swimmers with young children to leave alone However, there’s plenty of space for them to construct their castles and have fun on the shoreline. You can also use the 100-year-old tram that is located in the middle of Sintra to bring you to one of the beautiful beaches. And on the way, you can relax and enjoy the journey through the beautiful countryside.


It’s not as lively as it is in Lisbon in general, but it has a handful of bars and discos to enjoy drinks and talk to locals and tourists. A few of the bigger hotels host entertainment several times per week, but the atmosphere is very quiet. The nightlife is concentrated around the top restaurants in the town, and also around its outer outskirts offering gourmet dining and family-friendly dining. There’s a broad selection of dishes to pick from including homemade soups, cod fish with a creamy sauce, or rice and duck. There’s something to please the palate of all. There are fast food options such as fries and burgers being offered in cafes, and the hotel will provide catering for the family meal.

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