What’s The Difference Between Serviced Apartments And Hotels?

What’s The Difference Between Serviced Apartments And Hotels?

Today’s building trades companies often face a wide range of choices when working on projects throughout the UK. With that in mind, one of the biggest challenges they face is finding reliable group accommodation that suits their needs and their budget. After all, if a contractor can save money on accommodations, they can pass on those savings to their clients which, in turn, will net them more business.

Fortunately, when it comes to group accommodations, hotels aren’t the only option. These days, contractors and their teams on an extended project can choose to stay in serviced apartments instead of hotels. Serviced apartments offer more features and benefits than hotels and they are often a much better fit for contractors.

A serviced apartment is a type of corporate housing that is fully furnished and available for short or long-term stays. There are many important differences between serviced apartments and hotels and knowing these differences will make choosing group accommodations for your next project easier.

With That In Mind, We Are Going To Take A Look At Some Of The Differences Between Serviced Apartments And Hotels:

Space In Serviced Apartments Vs. Hotels- hotel rooms, especially in cramped cities like London, can be quite small. While much larger suites are available, they are often very expensive. Serviced apartments offer much more space for less money. Your team will enjoy a full kitchen, dining room and living room, as well as full sized bedrooms, many with their own bathrooms.

Furniture And Equipment In Serviced Apartments Vs. Hotels- hotel rooms provide you with what you need to sleep comfortably throughout the night. If you are planning on staying any length of time, you will want the creature comforts of home that serviced apartments offer. Serviced apartments feature comfortable furniture, fully stocked kitchens and bathrooms, dining rooms, living rooms with TV, Wi-Fi, and more.

Cost Differences Between Serviced Apartments And Hotels- the price differences between serviced apartments and hotels depend on the length of stay and the amenities offered. Putting your team up in a hotel for weeks on end can be incredibly expensive, especially if they have to rely on restaurants and delivery services for their meals. A serviced apartment is designed for long-term stays and typically include a full kitchen so your team can cook their own food and save money. On average, serviced apartment rates are 30-50% less than most hotels.

Amenities In Serviced Apartments Vs. Hotels- hotel amenities vary greatly and they typically increase the cost of the room. Depending on the serviced apartment, amenities are included and they can include a pool, fitness centre, terrace, roof deck, laundry facilities, and comfortable lounges. Typically, these amenities don’t cost extra.

Typical Locations Of Serviced Apartments Vs. Hotels- most hotels are located in centralised areas near major attractions or airports. Serviced apartments, however, can be located in just about any area within a city. This means that you will typically be able to find serviced apartments that are close to your job site.

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Author: Samantha Potts