Chennai: Places You Can Explore in This City for Your Next Visit

Chennai: Places You Can Explore in This City for Your Next Visit

Do you feel that Chennai has nothing to offer? Well, you require to rethink. The city is somewhat rich in its tourist spots in case you are ready to explore patiently. Of course, you would get to explore so many different spots in this city that would be wonderful and enjoyable.

Different from other cities and regions in India; Chennai does not actually own any tourist attractions or even world famous spots. Rather than swiftly leaving a memorable first impression, it is the city that actually asks for time and effort to really get to know and praise it.  You must dive deeper into the city so as to experience the wonders that the city has to offer.  For your stayover you can book the rooms in Red Fox Hotel Chennai and ensure your stay is pleasant too. For now, have a look at places you can visit in this place once you are there:

Charming  Beaches

Chennai is a massive coastal city offering a blend of beaches to pick from. You can easily choose Marina beach that is the world’s second prolonged beach and the most well-known one in the city. You can even choose to pay a visit to Elliot’s beach in the spot known as Besant Nagar, a stylish sibling of respected Marina beach. There are even softer beaches along with the coastline such as Thiruvanmiyur beach or even Cove long beach.  You must not skip to drench in the charm and splendour of these beaches once in the city.

Explore the streak of beautiful temples

Parameswara Temple is the cultural soul of this city and you must not skip it.  It definitely a window to know and appreciate the South Indian Hindu and even Tamil values! The finest time that you must visit the temple is going to be during a Hindu festival.  There are even so many other spectacular temples that you may visit like Parthasarthy temple at Triplicane and even Tiruporur Temple. It is just at a distance of twenty minutes from Chennai. Of course, you would get to have a great time visiting these temples.

Birla Planetarium

In case you think that you are one of the museum goers then you must not miss out this place. Located somewhat close to Anna University in Chennai, Birla Planetarium is definitely a vital part of Periyar Science and even Technology Museum.  There are regular type of audio- visual programs on astronomy organized at this spot other than exhibitions that include Solar System, even Sky and Seasons, Comets and Man on the Moon and even Cycle of Stars.  Also your interest are going to be raised by Traffic Park, Science Park and even Science on Wheels are the main points of Science Centre. The experience you would get there shall definitely be rich, entertaining and pleasant! Whether alone or with a group of people with you; this place will get you something for sure.

Witness the Rippon Building

This is one of the premium and stylish examples of neoclassical chic of architecture mixing a mix up of Gothic, Ionic as well as Corinthian styles of architecture. This Rippon building is definitely one of the most arresting monuments of this city called Chennai. The building is presently the seat of Chennai Corporation. It was even custom-built in 1933 and was elegantly designed by G.S.T Harris. It is a splashing snow-white construction and stands quite near to Chennai Central Railway Station. You would definitely experience an inspiration in this construction. It is constructed in rectangular shape with forty three meters high tower that has a splendid 2.5 meter clock.

Fort St. George

Another main landmark that is critical to the absolute existence of Chennai is this Fort St. George. It was the prime British centre of power in the south and even lasts to be the seat of the Government of Tamil Nadu since the moments of independence. The Fort is definitely a milestone soaked in history and it was nearly its walls that Madras merged and grown into a city. This spot has seen a number of diverse wars and conflicts since its beginning in the year 1644 as well as even saw action during World War I. You could explore a great historic touch up at this amazing place. It is a great historic yet stylish spot for visitors and tourists. Come on, when you step into something or some place that has some sort of deep connection with the past, you gather a lot of historic charm and glee.

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Arignar Anna Zoological Park

This Vandalur Zoo, in its current form, is the massive zoological park in the country and captivates thousands of visitors on a regular basis. However, the history it grips date back to 1855, when it was started as the Madras Zoo in the Government Museum complex by renowned and well -known ecologist Edward Balfour and was the main public zoo in India. In the present time , this zoo is scattered over more than six hundred Ha in Vandalur and includes more than 1,500 wild species, including 46 endangered species of mammals, birds, reptiles, and insects. In case you do love to explore animals and birds then this could be the perfect spot for you to stop for some sort of leisure and pleasure. You will have some unusual moments at this place.

Semmozhi Poona

This caters a wonderful adventure from the warm sun and it is a kind of a visual treat for your eyes tired seeing all manmade concrete. It is located at city’s center; the twenty -acre park is something that offers you beautiful scenic landscapes and luxurious gardens. The well-organized gardens will own over five hundred varieties of trees and even plants from all the regions of the world. Some of the trees at this amazing place are over hundred years old. The species of plants include medicinal plants as well as aromatic herbs. The artificial waterfall at this park appears absolutely real.


To sum up, since you have an idea about all these spots of Chennai, make sure that you visit them when going to Chennai the next time. You can check the best rooms at Red Fox Hotel Chennai for an amazing stay.

Author: Samantha Potts