Travel Guide To La Valise Tulum

Travel Guide To La Valise Tulum

There are few places that can compare to La Valise Tulum in terms of quality and service when it comes to romantic getaways. No matter where they are in the hotel or on the property, the beachfront and jungle view rooms of this 11-room luxury boutique hotel in South Tulum, Mexico, ensure that every guest has the greatest possible view. Guests can now upgrade to the master suite, which features a king-size bed that can be rolled out onto a balcony, allowing them to fall asleep under the stars while listening to the waves pounding onto the shore all night long. Here, we provide a complete travel guide to la valise tulum.


La Valise

This little boutique hotel with nine rooms is ideal. When placing an order, our waiter once told me that “everything is possible,” which is exactly the kind of motivation you need while on vacation. Every part of our room, lobby, meals, and hotel stay was meticulously planned. Also, the cuisine will be incredible.


  • NU

La Valise and sister hotel Encantada own this trendy Mexican restaurant. You can have dinner here on your first night, and it will be fantastic. They don’t provide you a menu for dessert, instead sending the pastry chef to your table to talk about your “perfect dessert” and then placing your order based on those specifications.

  • Gitano

This restaurant is active on Friday and Saturday nights, with live music and dancing. They also feature a sizable Tequila and Mezcal selection as well as an entire drink menu dedicated to mezcal cocktails. Get yourself a Mezcal Mule.

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  • Todos Santos, todos Santos, todos Santos

One of the best cocktail bars youu will have ever visited, with some of the nicest vibes and drinks. There are no menus, just an abundance of fresh ingredients. They build your ideal drink based on your preferences and flavor/taste profile. The mind has been blown. This unique location can be found within Casa Jaguar.


  • Jaguar House

This “cultural venue” provides something for everyone. Cocktails (as mentioned above), dining, and some pretty cool businesses, all in one wonderfully organized open-air location.

  • Ruins of Tulum

Hiring a guide will allow you to tour these remains in the most stunning setting imaginable right on the beach. It’s the only Mayan city built on the coast, dating from the late 13th century.

  • Beach

Tulum’s beach has a vast stretch of sand that you may walk along. Stop for a drink along the route, and most of the stores are on the other side of all the hotels/bars/restaurants. There’s enough to enjoy.

  • Cenotes

Cenotes, after acknowledging and comprehending you will still feel apprehension about the whole situation, but it was well worth it. Cenotes are limestone sinkholes with natural water that can be swum or snorkeling in. Many of them are diveable.

Author: Samantha Potts