What Is the Purpose of Scattering Ashes?

What Is the Purpose of Scattering Ashes?

Some people think of scattering ashes as a better alternative to a ground-burial method. Others enjoy the spiritual aspect of spreading their relative’s remains. Either way, it gives you a unique experience from the traditional funeral setting. Here are some reasons why you should choose to scatter ashes.

Great for Spiritual People

It doesn’t matter if you hire a boat to scatter ashes or do it right in your backyard. Some people feel this is the ideal way to let go of their family members in the physical realm. In various cultures, it may mean their resurrection in a different format.

Also, it’s good for the soil. People may want to enrich that land with ashes to help grow plants and other items out of the ground.

Additionally, someone may have lost a spouse. It can be a way to let go yet create a connection to a specific place. It feels more organic than the average burial scenario.

Can Hold Onto Some of the Ashes

When it comes to a burial in a coffin, the only thing people may be able to take is a lock of hair, items the person wore, and other things. However, scattering the remains doesn’t mean you have to put all of them out. Some may put it in an urn to keep in their home.

Methods of Scattering Cremated Ashes in the Sea in Toronto

Also, they can plant a memorial tree as a dedication to the lost one. You can always go to this place and speak to the tree. It feels like a piece of a person’s essence is still on Earth in a tangible form.

Some people don’t want to let go of the person right away. In ash form, they can still feel like the person is near them. It brings more comfort to people who have to see some physical incarnation of the person they love.

Gives You Meaning

You need to bury a body immediately because of how it decomposes. Also, it’s expensive to preserve the body for the wake or funeral. Cremation is much cheaper, and you can do it on your schedule.

You might want to remember their birthday or the day they transition. You can scatter a few pieces of their cremated dust each year as a reminder. It gives you time to let go at your pace.

Whatever your purpose is spiritual, natural, or physical, you have the right to scatter ashes when it suits you best.

Author: Samantha Potts